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Living Waters Board Members, Project  Recipients, Living Waters Feeding Center staff and especially the children who attend the Living Waters Feeding Center would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and very happy holiday season.


One hundred and sixty plus children and a handful of elderly widows receive  nutritional meals three hundred sixty five days a year thanks to our Creator and our dedicated donors.  Medical care, education, school uniforms and blankets are a few of the benefits provided to the orphaned children of Kaswanga.

Living Waters Feeding Center is not an orphanage, but a free standing feeding center where the disadvantaged and orphan children in this community are able to find relief for some of their physical needs and have their spiritual needs filled. Over one hundred children have committed their lives to Christ through baptism.

In January 2015 Daryl Sr. and his son Daryl Jr. (Rusty) will travel to Kenya and will be joined in February by Mary Jo and Living Waters Board member Sharon Judd to evaluate new objectives and implement current goals.

New objectives include:

  • establishing Living Waters Industries, a vocational training program for young women and widows that will provide training and potential employment in the sewing trade.  A commercial grade sewing machine will be installed to enhance the three sewing machines that are currently being used.  A full time seamstress is employed to provide the training and to sew and mend school uniforms.
  • assess a strategic alliance with REACH International, a faith based organization dedicated to meeting the needs of orphaned children around the world.  REACH projects to be visited are in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • community based educational seminars in Overcoming Diabetes  and Ebola Awareness

Goals include:

  • completion of the rear veranda on the medical center/guest house
  • maintenance and repair to the deep bore hole (water well)
  • assessment for Living Waters Industries building (to house the sewing industry)
  • annual documentation update of children
  • provide all children and disadvantaged widows attending feeding center with a new blanket
  • update existing perimeter compound fence
  • interior window screening of medical clinic/guest house

We ask for your continued prayers and support as we seek God’s leading in accomplishing these objectives and goals.


Living Waters had the privilege of joining together with Search For One ministries in providing and installing a water purification system on the Island of Abemama, Kiribati.  This is a group of atolls that stretch across much of the Pacific South Seas. Kiribati is approximately 1500 miles from Fiji and consist of thirty three islands.  Tarawa South is listed as one of the most populated areas on earth while the outer islands are some of the most sparsely populated.  It is a peaceful nation with major challenges for fresh pure water.  A water purification system was installed at Kamau Adventist Academy and will serve approximately 300 people.

This installation was funded by private donations specific for this project.  It was a personal privilege for me since I have wanted to do missionary work in the South Seas since I was five years old.  Most people have never heard of Kiribati and I found it to be the most isolated area I have ever been to.  The nation is almost entirely dependent on imports for all their needs except fish for food. I hope to find additional opportunities to expand the water purification systems for this challenging part of the world.


Two water purification systems were installed in the Philippines this fall.  One was in northern Luzon at the Navagan River community and the second (first of its kind location for Living Waters) was in a city adjacent to Manila.  One system had private funding and the other system was funded by money that had been designated specifically for the Philippines.  With both of these systems operational, pure water is now available for thousands.  I was blessed to have my eldest son Justin join me for these installations.  I now have three sons and a son-in-law who are efficient in installation of water purification systems.  A total of nine systems have been installed in the Philippines in 2013-2014.


Living Waters is aware of all of the requests and opportunities that you have for giving this year.  Living Waters Intl is a volunteer organization with salary compensation only going to local staff who provide care and services at the Living Waters Feeding Center.  Other than a very small portion of our annual budget that goes to fundraising, all donations go directly to  fund the projects that Living Waters presents to you.  All donations will be used for the purpose or project for which they are given.

Our prayer is that you will be inspired by what you have seen and read, that God will provide for your needs to be met and that you will be able to pass on some of your blessings to others.  We ask that you keep Living Waters in mind as you consider how to best donate to the charity of your choice.  All donations to Living Waters are tax deductible through its non-profit IRS  501 c 3 status.  Please make your donations today to Living Waters Intl by visiting our “How to Help” page in the web-site.


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News Update: Philippines Typhoon Assistance

Installing Water Purification Systems


Trip 1: Nov 21-Dec 6 Daryl, his son Daryl Jr. (Rusty) and son-in-law Ricky Wheeler

Trip 2: Dec 25-Jan 9 Daryl, Mary Jo, their son Joby and son-in-law Ricky Wheeler

  • Seven (7) water purification systems were installed on the islands of Palawan, Cebu and Leyte.
  • Two (2) medical clinics were held by Dr. Prospil Lawanga with our group. She is a Filipino MD. that currently resides in El Paso
    and she and her pastor husband Rodel, joined our team in Manila on the first trip.
  • Thirty (30) tubs of medical supplies were distributed through Living Waters.

We are currently working with ADRA to try and coordinate more water purification systems for 2014.

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News Update: Living Waters Feeding Center

celebrating-5-years-166000-meals-600Click here to view more Feeding Center Photos

A major celebration took place on May 16,2013 with a special meal that served over 200, guest speakers, distribution of new uniforms and 35 pairs of new shoes given to children who had no shoes at all.

Over the past five years Living Waters Feeding Center has served approximately 166,000 meals, 330 new uniforms have been made and 65,000 direct care man-hours have been spent caring for our children. Over 500 medical referrals and treatment have been provided to the children.

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Other News

The Living Waters Feeding Center was able to add a new staff member. Christine is a talented seamstress who is now devoted full-time to sewing and repairing the school uniforms for our 150 orphan children. Even more, Christine is training two of our older girls to be seamstresses as well!

A small guard house was constructed for our Massai security man, Danson.

We were saddened when we recently lost two of our precious little girls. Mary died from complications of diabetes and Ruth died of apparent appendicitis.