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Mary Jo, Daryl, daughter Autumn and son-in-law Ricky Wheeler returned from Kaswanga feeling energized and delighted in meeting the objectives;

rusinga-island-mapOur Objectives for this trip

  • Vision screening for all 150 + children and to prepare them for glasses to be provided on our next trip. Sponsored by the Lions Club

We provided vision screening for 200 of our children, children of Living Waters Academy and our staff. We were told that we could expect between 20-30 percent of our children would need referrals for glasses based on third world statistics.  We were thrilled to find that only one child needed a referral.  It is evidence to us that God has His hand over the children at the feeding center.  Through nutritional meals, and healthy lifestyles, the children’s overall health has greatly improved. 

  • Finish the medical clinic and guest house

Additional finishing touches with interior painting and varnishing, plumbing and ventilation were completed.  A beautiful wall mural was painted inside the clinic by our friend Linda and makes for a warm and inviting place for the children to come for care. Window screens are still needed but the guest house is comfortable and nicely furnished.  It now awaits  those who desire to come and experience a short term mission trip.

  • Continue with documenting our children in preparation for launching an orphan sponsorship program

All 160 of the children at the feeding center have now been documented with referral and intake information, vision screenings and photos.  This is now done for every new child taken in to the program.  A laptop computer and camera have made this process much more efficient.

  • Assess needed improvements to the perimeter fence

The perimeter fence has areas that need to be repaired or replaced.  The original fence form 5 years ago has served well, but some of the wooden post and wire mesh fence needs replaced.  One of our trusted helpers has agreed to make the necessary repairs. 

  • Purchase a sewing machine for the girls that are being trained as tailors

We are so very pleased that our newest staff member Christine (hired May 2013) has been instrumental in not only repairing torn a tattered school uniforms, making 15-20 new uniforms each month, but has also taken two of the older girls who are interested in seamstress vocations and is training them.  They have learned how to design and cut patterns from paper and make finished uniforms.  A new treadle Singer sewing machine was purchased, and with two machines sewing, the output for uniforms has dramatically increased.  The girls who have learned this vocation will have a trade enabling them to be self sufficient  and will not need to rely on  dependence on favors to the fisherman and the resulting heartache that brings.

  • Ongoing project follow-up and management of the Living Waters Feeding Center and the Kaswanga Academy

We met with the Living Waters Academy School Board Chairman, teacher, Educational Director and President of the Kenya Lake Conference and the new President of the West Kenya Union.  Donated school supplies were presented and the initial down payment for constructing a concrete floor in the new school building was  given.  A commitment for the completion of the floor was made and work is currently being done to meet this goal.

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News Update: Philippines Typhoon Assistance

Installing Water Purification Systems


Trip 1: Nov 21-Dec 6 Daryl, his son Daryl Jr. (Rusty) and son-in-law Ricky Wheeler

Trip 2: Dec 25-Jan 9 Daryl, Mary Jo, their son Joby and son-in-law Ricky Wheeler

  • Seven (7) water purification systems were installed on the islands of Palawan, Cebu and Leyte.
  • Two (2) medical clinics were held by Dr. Prospil Lawanga with our group. She is a Filipino MD. that currently resides in El Paso
    and she and her pastor husband Rodel, joined our team in Manila on the first trip.
  • Thirty (30) tubs of medical supplies were distributed through Living Waters.

We are currently working with ADRA to try and coordinate more water purification systems for 2014.

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News Update: Living Waters Feeding Center

celebrating-5-years-166000-meals-600Click here to view more Feeding Center Photos

A major celebration took place on May 16,2013 with a special meal that served over 200, guest speakers, distribution of new uniforms and 35 pairs of new shoes given to children who had no shoes at all.

Over the past five years Living Waters Feeding Center has served approximately 166,000 meals, 330 new uniforms have been made and 65,000 direct care man-hours have been spent caring for our children. Over 500 medical referrals and treatment have been provided to the children.

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Other News

The Living Waters Feeding Center was able to add a new staff member. Christine is a talented seamstress who is now devoted full-time to sewing and repairing the school uniforms for our 150 orphan children. Even more, Christine is training two of our older girls to be seamstresses as well!

A small guard house was constructed for our Massai security man, Danson.

We were saddened when we recently lost two of our precious little girls. Mary died from complications of diabetes and Ruth died of apparent appendicitis.