2013 Construction Update:

The Living Waters Medical Clinic/Guest House was completed this year and what a blessing to the Feeding Center and children! In February, the children were so excited to be able to be seen by a real doctor! They sat outside on the ground for hours, patiently waiting to be examined by Dr. Rowse. We are thankful as we anticipate the care the children are able to receive now.

2012 Construction Update:

The medical clinic/guest house building was nearly completed when we left in April, 2012. We ran short on both time and funding to complete the building project; however, we would like to thank those who participated in the matching funds program. $1,550 was raised and matched for a total ot $3,000. As you can see from the pictures, much was accomplished. The building is wired for solar electric since there is no reliable electric available, plumbed for water that includes a flush toilet, running water in the bathroom, a shower and hot and cold water in both the kitchen and clinic. A solar hot water system is planned to provide hot water.

The two bedroom guest house will provide lodging and accommodations for those interested in short term mission trips to provide medical, dental or humanitarian evangelism/aid. This is a huge cost savings as the price of lodging in Mbita has become cost prohibitive. The interior walls are in and plastered, the doors and windows are installed and the front veranda is screened. Still needed is approximately $6,000 to complete the installation of the total solar which includes: a solar refrigerator and 85 gallons of hot water. Also needed to complete the project is the interior electrical fixtures and exterior lighting, painting, window screens, medical supplies and furniture. We hope to have the necessary funding to have this available for use by next year.

If you would like to support our on-going medical ministry on Rusinga Island, your donation will be designated specifically for medical supplies.

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Medical Center / Guest House

Medical Center Interior

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