The Living Waters Kaswanga Academy was started five years ago and over 30 percent of the students are served at the Feeding Center. With 56 students in four grades the six volunteer teachers work very hard to provide an education for the children. Without basic teaching aids this presents a real challenge. In 2011 Living Waters Board of Directors added this school as one of its primary objectives. Funding from specially designated contributions will assist in the purchase of such simple things as writing slates, chalk, paper, pencils and books.

If there are any remaining funds it will be divided among the volunteer teachers. Living Waters will also seek funding to assist in completion of the exterior/interior walls, floor and desk. If you have a heart to help in this ministry please designate your funds as such.

Please consider giving a tax deductible donation to Living Waters Intl as we all do our part in alleviating some of the suffering in our world. Living Waters Intl continues to rely on God impressing individuals to contribute to this worthy cause in order to continue operations. Living Waters Intl is a faith based organization providing humanitarian evangelism/aid and supported by donors. Living Waters Intl is operated by contributions of people just like you.

100% of your gift goes to support our programs.

Building Project

Living Waters is the major sponsor to Living Waters Kaswanga Academy where 56 students attend grades 1-4.

Staff & Children

The children all receive one new school uniform a year.

For many there is no mat to sleep on so their school uniform is the only thing between their bare flesh and the cold hard and dirty ground. This has left the uniforms in shreds and the self esteem of the children has also been affected. Our budget for 10 uniforms a month is seriously lacking.

A major celebration took place on May 16, 2013 with a special meal that served over 200, guest speakers, distribution of new uniforms and 35 pairs of new shoes given to children who had no shoes at all.

The Living Waters Feeding Center was able to add a new staff member. Christine is a talented seamstress who is now devoted full-time to sewing and repairing the school uniforms for our 150 orphan children.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Your donations are tax deductible.

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