Throwing up his hands in frustration,

gritting his teeth, Daryl Oft cried out to God, "OK, God, I'll go wherever you want me to go." ...

Daryl and Mary Jo Oft at Lake Victoria

One trip to Kenya turned into many others and Living Waters Intl was born. Our initial goal was to bring clean water to Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria Kenya. "It was my understanding that they had not had fresh water for more than three years because their water system was no longer functional - all the water technicians had died of AIDS." says Daryl Oft. "The population of Rusinga had a 42% HIV/AIDS rate, leaving hundreds of children orphaned." The wind-operated water pumping system was refurbished. Water lines and tanks were put in to bring water directly from Lake Victoria.

Learning about children living in "child-headed homes" was a turning point for Living Waters Intl. The children were living on their own in the humble homes they had shared with their parents. With no parents, there was no food to eat and the children were unable to think clearly enough to attend school. The children were hungry and sick and dying. Something must be done to help them.

Soon Daryl was on his way back to Kenya to begin building a feeding center for the 200 orphan children in the village of Kaswanga. "We thought it would take a year or two to get the funding for this project, but within a few weeks we received a sizeable contribution from a donor who said, 'Take this and build the feeding center tomorrow'."  The feeding center opened July 2008 with 60 children receiving daily meals.

Today, hundreds of boys and girls have passed through the Living Waters Feeding Center.  Many have finished their education and are leading productive lives as followers of Christ. They attribute their success to the daily meals and positive spiritual influence at the feeding center.  Currently, 100 children are being provided daily meals, school uniforms, and medical care.  Day after day, month after month, year after year, the children are being served by this life-saving ministry.  You can help.  The cost of caring for one child is $40.00 per month.

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