Alex, a fatherless six year old remembers the day he watched his mother die. Nobody ever told him what he should do when his world started to crumble around him. What will I eat or where will I live? How will I go to school? Who will love and care for me? What will happen to me?

This is what happens to 700 children a day in Kenya where there are over 3 million orphans in the country. I have seen the child headed homes where the oldest orphan sibling tries to care for the younger children. Relatives are reluctant to take the orphans into their homes because they are unable to feed an extra child. They need your help.

These boys and girls are vulnerable to exploitation and are stigmatized. Without at least one meal a day, they cannot think well enough to attend school.

Living Waters Intl is turning this around for the boys and girls on Rusinga Island, Kenya. Since 2008 Living Waters has cared for hundreds of orphaned children with 2 meals a day, school uniforms and medical care, allowing them to go to school. As the children’s basic needs are met, they learn to trust Jesus and the tide of hopelessness gives way to a bright future. I need your help.

Today, thanks to you, the children at the Living Waters Intl feeding program no longer live in child headed homes. Their neighbors and relatives have taken them in because they receive their meals at the Living Waters Intl Feeding Center.

And now the children who come to the feeding program are scoring well enough on their exams to go on to secondary school and university.

You have helped us to change the lives of hundreds of orphaned boys and girls and I want to thank you. Children like Brian and Hillary, two of seven orphaned brothers, once desperately trying to survive, are now attending university and working at the Living Waters Farm to earn money for school.

And Lorine, now a secondary school teacher says, “The feeding center kept me close to God because it was near the church and I was inspired by the bible verses read to us every day at lunch. The meals were always ready which helped me to fully concentrate on my studies and I had no worry about what I would eat while I was at the feeding center and this helped me to do well in school. Any time I was sick they cared for me. My time at the feeding center made me realize that I can help other needy children the way I was helped.”

Please help us continue changing children’s lives.

The Living Waters Farm, just three years old, is now harvesting hundreds of bushels of tomatoes, greens, watermelon, orange sweet potatoes, bananas and other crops, providing jobs in the community and fresh fruits and vegetables to the feeding program and the local people.

One of the big successes is the planting and harvesting of orange sweet potatoes. These nutritious vegetables are helping our orphans by boosting their immune systems so they are not getting sick so frequently, and have reduced the costs of medical care.

Today I need your help as we continue to care for the orphans of Rusinga Island, Kenya.

For as little as $30 a month you can care for one child who needs to come to the Feeding Center, giving him or her 2 meals a day, school uniforms, and medical care. That is one life changed, entirely because of you. We need and welcome your monthly donation OR your one time gift of any amount.

Your gift can provide the following: $30 helps 1 child for a month
$150 helps 5 children for a month
$750 helps 25 children for a month
Ways to donate:
Online: Donation page
Mail: Mail a check in the enclosed envelope
Phone: Call me at 928-978-4663 to make a donation by credit or debit card.


Thank you for your support for the children who need your help today, Mary Jo Oft
Living Waters Intl
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