There is lots to be thankful for at the Living Waters Feeding Center! The children and staff remain healthy. Schools have been open since January and the children are learning and growing. The farm fence is repaired, keeping the hippos out. All 8th grade graduates were able to enter high school. Praise God!

For the first time, all of our 2021 8th grade graduates were able to go on to secondary (high) school! Only a few years ago, this was an impossible dream. Receiving daily meals helps the children do well in their classes and qualify for secondary school. All of them received scholarships or earned the money for their school fees.

Thank you for supporting the Living Waters Farm fence repair. The new fence has been erected above the high water line. The workers and the vegetables are safe from the hippos. Fruits and vegetables are being served to the children at the Living Waters Feeding Center.

Margaret Onyango retired from her work at the Living Waters Feeding Center in October. Margaret has been with us since the feeding center opened in 2008. She has served as a caseworker, cook, and story teller. Her love for children has made her a valuable part of the team for 14 years. She will be missed by all.

Best wishes , Margaret!