2020 was a “lost” year of education for the children of Kenya. The Covid 19 Pandemic locked the schools down and children returned to school in January. Each child at the Living Waters Intl Feeding Center was able to receive a uniform and shoes. Thank you for helping them! We are grateful that so far Covid has not affected any of our children. Praise God!

We have welcomed 20 new orphan children to the Living Waters Feeding Center. They will receive daily meals and school uniforms and medical care. They are children who have lost one or both parents and the parent or guardian is unable to provide for them. We know they will flourish with daily meals

Lake Victoria continues to rise and has now come over the barrier and fence at the farm. The hippos are getting into the farm and endangering our workers. And they are eating the fresh vegetables the children need! We will need to put a new fence up above the water line. Estimated cost is $3000.

The girls are pleased about their new latrine! It was completed just before the covid lockdown. This is an important advance in health and privacy for them .

Triza, age 12, passed away this month. She had been receiving medi- cal care and was hospital- ized at the time of her death. Triza had attended the Feeding Center since 2017. We are saddened by her loss and pray that God will comfort her family and all her friends.